NAEYC accredited, theme-based, play based program serving three to six year olds

Please complete all forms in full and return to First Church Early Learning Center

with your deposit.


Click the underlined words to download each form.


Half Day Registration/Full Day Registration: This form is the actual registration form to be used by the administrative office. Please use the half day registration form to register for our half day program and the full day registration form to register for our full day program.


Getting Acquainted: Remember you are your child's first teacher and have spent the most time with them.  Please tell us as much as possible to make their transition as smooth as possible.


Medical Form: Please take this form with you to your child's next medical visit to be completed by their doctor.  This form is required by the State of Connecticut on a yearly basis.


Photo Release-Permission: We like to share pictures of children having fun.  We will not post pictures of your child without your permission.


Emergency Card: Contact information, personal and medical, brought on field trips and in case of an emergency.